My Story

I had joined Scentsy on a whim you could say, I honestly didn't have a plan, but it gave me something to do during the day and more importantly something to focus on. You see in July of 2015 I had a breakdown,and not only had my depression come back a 10 fold, I was now diagnosed with anxiety and severe panic disorder. I wasn't leaving my house unless it was for doctors appt or therapy. So when a friend suggested I try Scentsy, since it was something I could do at home and I didnt have to do home parties or leave my house but I could make a little money, I thought why not, what do I have to lose? Nothing! Because even if I found I couldn't do it, I still would have some amazing products to enjoy and love. So started my Journey. And after almost 2 years, April 1st is my 2 year Scentiversary, I have not just made a little money, I have grown and learned so much more! I have made goals and crushed them when I didn't think it was possible! I have come out of my comfort zone and learned that its not so scary, and the worst that can happen is I get a "no" answer. I have made some incredible friends who I consider my family, I have had an epic road trip to Kansas City, that I could and will never forget, I have become part of a company that cares, AND rewards their employees for their accomplishments, something that doesn't happen anymore! I have made top sales in our team 2 years in a row, and 90% of this is all done, in my home, branching out, and striving for more than a little money. It hasn't been easy but damn has it ever been worth every single moment!! Scentsy has changed my life, in ways I never thought possible, and all for the good. My husband has come on board, my youngest daughter loves helping me with unpacking deliveries and seeing the new products.
I hear a lot of people say, I'm not a people person, I can't talk to people, well guess what, you CAN! You have friends, family and coworkers, you have your dentist and a doctor, and I'm sure you have a nail girl and a hair girl. So why not be a Scentsy Girl? Why not grow and crush goals YOU never thought possible? What do you have to lose? If its not for you, well you still have hundreds of dollars worth of stuff for signing up at a fraction of the price.
So what Your Journey going to look like? Where will you be a year from now?
Lets have a talk, you tell me your can'ts and I will tell you your cans!